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The Clean-Up.

Just a quick Nitro solvent and a brush should go a long way to clean this little AR.22 up. Everything looks fine, no wear or tear was noted.





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S&W M&P-15 .22LR: The Black Rifle you CAN afford to shoot!

It all boils down to this. Can You find a Black Rifle and Can You Afford to shoot it?

Well you will find it rather difficult to find any AR-15 with the run on guns that is clearly fueled by the politicians threats of gun control. When you see that $1799.00 DPMS AR-15 that old or $699.00 in November 2012, be sure to reward the “knee-jerker” politicians with a vote for the their challenger!

But what you will find is a few AR like .22 semi-automatic rifles for your plinking pleasure. After looking at the Sig, Mossburg, Colt and Smith-Wesson I purchased the S&W on a two key features, the gun felt “handy”. That feeling you get from a Winchester 94 or M1 carbine, easy to hold with balance and point-ability that requires little effort. The second reason was I found the mag release, slide release felt true to its big brother fixing the NATO 5.56 round.

The weapon comes boxed well. Very to-the-point-instruction with plenty of photos insures the new owner can quickly one up to speed on all the key details of this weapon.

The rear sights are fully adjustable and appear to be well made. The front sight also is adjustable and made very well. The rails on this gun are great. The pistol grip feels great, it’s a keeper.

As you will notice, I bought the no comp version. It may be upgraded in the future but since most available models are set up like this standard model, I wanted to test what most folks I’ll be buying.

The trigger feels crisp during the few dry fires I have tried. Reset is fine, it’s not match quality mind you, but it’s way better than most plunked I have ever fired.

The receivers are synthetic and appear a lot like those used on the Carbon 15. It is well finished and I suspect will serve for decades.

At $499.00 (slightly less at some) this weapon BETTER run right out of the box and eat brick after brink of .22lr rounds or S&W will get it back. At this price point, the Smithy should make an AR-7 look like a Red Rider. We will see.

My testers for this project consist of two young men. One with US Army training on the M4 and an array of other weapons systems from the M9 to the Bravo 2/4. The other young man has no experience with firearms. It will be interesting to see if they find the weapons pros and cons the same.

Lastly, this gun will be run dirty. No cleaning out of the box until it stops working or becomes unsafe.







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