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CZ 75

I have been scanning Gun Broker lately looking at CZ 75’s and their endless variations. I have noticed a real love/hate dynamic with these weapons. We may test one after all of this gun craziness subsides.

I have noticed that one seller claims if he does not sell his CZ 75 he will destroy it by means of shooting it with a rifle. It’s not clear to me if this is a ploy to get noticed or if it is real. With all the current pressure to make gun owners look unstable I have to think this can only add fuel to the fire.

To those who want to find the auction on Gun Brokers site just search “CZ POS”.

I was able to look at a CZ 75 yesterday at Guns Plus, home of Tru TV’s Combat Pawn reality show. The only model they had was the black CZ 75b. The weapon felt very good in the hand. First impression was Browning Hi-Power. I chose not to buy the gun in hopes of coming across a compact model. I noticed that a great deal of effort in finishing the guns exterior. I am aware that the inside of the frame does not receive as much detail.


Photo from CZ website.

A great site for those interested in all things CZ!

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