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GLOCK 26 GEN 4 Update.

The Glock G26 Gen4 has been updated.  As noted last year when the gun can in, I added my favorite tigger job.  the striker spring was updated as well.  I found that the Gen4 black finish scratched too much and looked rather cheap.  I had a hard chrome matte finish added and Mepro Night Sights.  The latest Clip Draw was also added, with hard chrome too.  I qualified with this G26 last month.  Marksman/Expert without breaking a sweat! The best Glock G26 I have ever carried.



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The FNS 9mm was loaded up with a 50 round box of 115g FMJ “white box”, less 3 rounds and fired for the first time today. The gun seemed to line up a little low. It kept tight groups and next to no recoil. The only hiccup was when a Federal +P+ was added to the magazine. FTE was recorded. I inspected the fired cases and found nothing of note. I have to chalk this up to a bit of limp-wristing from the shock of the heavy round placed among the plinking rounds by my 16 y.o. shooter. Noting else of note was reported.

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Well after all the fuss I made I finally received a FN-USA FNS 9mm for testing! Image  I have arranged for this gun to be tested by a Law Enforcement officer who is a dyed in the wool Glock man.  I have also seen that this gun will be tested by a former Army 1911 all the way young man that has been a fan for the John Browning design since before he landed in Vietnam nearly 5 decades ago. 

My first impressions of this weapon are rather harsh. TOO MUCH oil from the factory, on the scale of which I have ever seen.  The frame was drenched with a diesel fuel smelling lube that was new to me.  I removed as much as I could from every area I could.  I am not taking this frame down! It looks simple but if I break it I out of luck.  Parts are not in the supply chain just yet. 


As to the gun the first thing most will notice is the safety.  It’s simple and useful if you like to use it but otherwise one will never know it’s there.  The second and I think best part of the gun is how thin it feels near the top of the grip-1911!  The trigger pull is a little harsh and heavy out of the box but breaks really nice.  Over-travel in mine is nonresistance.  After abut 200 dry fires its getting really nice.  The trigger feels so good at this point the only thing that I would think of changing is the striker spring, a little less will make it feel sweet.


Finally, a lot has been written about the beaver-tail grip and angle.  It’s all true, it is a natural pointer and I expect it will be a nice shooter.  Time will tell.

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