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Yaesu 857 Ham Radio.

I am testing a Yeasu 857 mobile/base ham radio. The little all mode all bander really gets the job done with only 100 watts! I have added a YT100 antenna tuner to it with good results. After two months all I can say is the radio is better than the user. The smal screen is a drawback but one quickly get used to it. The radio is mated to a copper J-Pole for FM work. The HF duties are pushed out of a Windom style offset 143ft. dipole. Contacts are out to 5000 plus miles. This little radio is a real jewel.


March 25 2012


As of today I have found that this little radio is a workhorse.  I have had zero issues!  The radio really shines when you add an external speaker, I use a USB powered Lansing system designed for small laptop computers.  I strongly recommend this fine radio from Yaesu.

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