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First Live Fire Test

I was able to sneak away from work long enough to run 250 rounds of mixed ammo through the Gen4 Glock 26. Not much to say, it fired all with out a snag. Seemed Dead On accurate. Really starting to like this gun!

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GLOCK Gen 4 G26 Trigger update.

Glock had a winner set-up with their factory trigger in the regards that a simple tune here or their was all it took to get it to your liking, if you like striker fired of course. Well they monkeyed around with the Gen 4 until they broke what was just plain fine. They fixed a problem that did not exist and have a lot of Glocker’s rubbing their heads. But…..

Here’s the combo I finally got to work, for me.
Do not even think about following what I did, I have no idea what I am doing and you will get hurt if you follow me, there’s my warning!!!!!!

Gen 4 Glock 26

Removed the Factory Trigger bar and trigger and tossed it. Please note, I think the further you throw it the better you Glock will work. They added this silly bump on the top/side of the bar to keep the trigger bar from flexing during the pull. The slight bend in the bar allowed for a softer feel, now you got Hard, Hard Hard followed by Crisp, and sore finger! I added back a Gen 3 trigger bar, no silly bump and I was good to go!

I added a Glock NY1 trigger spring, LOVE THAT boy! (Update) I had to remove the NY spring and return to the oem 5.5 spring, after a little cycling the NY spring began to make an odd sound. After inspection I found uneven wear on the top of the spring housing at the point where the trigger bar touches it and a deformed spring inside the housing. I put the oem spring and it felt so good I left it.

I swapped out the 9.5lb OEM connector for a Lone Wolf 3.5. Now I call it a 9.5lb because to made the frame (short) enough that the housing needed reshaping. It made the connector sit up a little, effectively making the connector at a steeper angle, rough! With the 3.5 connector in it, it felt more like a factory Gen 3 OEM 5.5lb connector. IT STILL BREAKS too crisp-not to my liking & still too heavy.

I added a 4.0 Lone Wolf Striker Spring, Glock Perfection was achieved! The edgy overly crisp break was gone. What is felt is very nice and a Great reset with no over-travel to be found. The Creep is Gone!

I can not describe the new trigger well but if you have used Glocks before you will know what I mean as soon as you try a Gen 4.
If you are new to Glock or handgun and have a really strong index finger or are currently on steroids and Human Growth Hormones, you will have no idea what I am talking about! (joke, not that bad, real close mind you).

Now Major ammo testing must be done to see if the G26 will fire with a lighter striker spring. Check back!


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Glock 26 Gen 4 In Testing

As some of you know, the Glock 26 is dear to me. I am still carrying the Gen 3 test gun. I was able to pick up a retail G26 Gen 4 this week. Here’s my first impression.

Gen 4 frame is really nice. The gun requires less force to grip it due to the new texture. The three size back strap system may look a little contrived, but it’s a real winner. I am testing it without a back strap (SF style). Feels Great! The gun comes with a plastic pin drift that works great for removing the grip pin. The drift also has a large head, providing the perfect surface to push the pin into the frame flush.

The slide is finished in a dull mil-spec tone, and frankly looks Parkerized. I find this to be a real loser. The slick finish found to be so durable on Gen 3’s is gone, and so is that surface than allowed things to slip off of it instead of digging into it. Sure, some had trouble with gripping the Gen 3 slide, but now Glock fixed that, at the expense of durability some would say.

The trigger is rough and edgy but breaks crisp, of course after pulling so hard that crisp break is little relief. As a result of the redesigned trigger block (Slimmer frame), I am finding that the connector is slightly up (5 degrees or so) in effect adding to the trigger weight. The Bump style trigger bar also keeps the trigger break from bending through the pull, adding to the edgy feel.
*I am working with some basic combos to remedy these Gen 4 trigger issues. At present I have added a 4.0lb striker spring, Ny1 trigger, and factory 5.5 lb (in theory only, feels like much more) connector. Now she breaks real crisp but with much less effort. It is now in the 6.0 to 6.5 range. I will add a Lone Wolf 3.5 connector as soon as they come in. What I may have to do is add a lighter spring to a Ny1 trigger spring assembly to get back to the trigger I enjoy in my Gen 3.

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