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Next Gun to Test?

I am looking at a number of guns to test.  My criteria is rather straightforward.  The weapon MUST be my carry gun.  The gun must fire a standard round.  The handgun will be an automatic. The gun must be small enough for pocket concealment.  Please forward me your thoughts.

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You can find me under the user-name “Angie-Darrell

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Glock 26 …… ONE YEAR LATER

The G26 has been carried 6 to 7 days a week for one year since I put the gun through the first phase.

This gun has been in service since 2007, my daily duty weapon.

The gun has been fired 250 more rounds of +P+ Federal 115g JHP.

We have also put 800 rounds of Winchester White Box FMJ’s down range.

The gun is getting rather close to  2300 rounds.  The gun appears the same as new, a little wear on metal to metal spots of course. It is still goggling up ammo and I can not remember the last hiccup. I have had one dead round come through, hit the round three times, never fired, bad round!

Please note that I just added a Lone Wolf extended slide release, wow why did I not do that years ago.

In reference to the questions about what kind of oil I used on this Glock 26.  Well it’s the same I use on everyone of my guns, Gold-Guard XLT . Gold-Guard XLT is a complex compound of very well designed POA synthetic lubricates that contain very low levels of carbon, resulting in a clearer surface.  Gold-Guard XLT is suitable for metal on your guns and reels. It is also has great cold weather properties making it both excellent for lubrication and as a surface protector.


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