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Glock 26 Test: Down & Dirty

The Glock 26 is holding up well.  It’s been salted, shook and frozen, and it still functions well.  We have covered the three basic issues that will cause a weapon to fail.  Its time we move on and see how it works after that abuse.

I will pull the little Glock apart again (like the 50th time) and degrease everything.  At that point we are going to my range and we are going to introduce  a number of common substances to the Glock 26. After each application, we are going to fire it, and fire it and fire it some more!   We will look for wear and of course any type of failure.

We are approaching 1200 rounds total at this point.

In reference to the questions about what kind of oil I used on this Glock 26.  Well it’s the same I use on everyone of my guns, Gold-Guard XLT . Gold-Guard XLT is a complex compound of very well designed POA synthetic lubricates that contain very low levels of carbon, resulting in a clearer surface.  Gold-Guard XLT is suitable for metal on your guns and reels. It is also has great cold weather properties making it both excellent for lubrication and as a surface protector.


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Glock 26 Test: The Glock is Thawed!

I expected to have all kinds of things to post after this test.  Well, nothing much to say now.  The Glock 26 was pulled from the freezer, thawed by running hot water over it in a sink, see below.  The gun has been pulled apart and I can not find any damage at all.  PLEASE look the photos over closely, If I missed a crack in the mag or frame, let me know.  Right now it looks clear, the gun passed!  I will update after running a few hundred rounds through it later in the week, bone dry!


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Glock 26 Test: Glock in Freeze-down!

The Glock 26 is now locked firmly in the grasp of a 2 pound block of ice!  It has been frozen in as such for 36 hours, the half way point.

I have looked at it but I can not see any fractures in the frame but the ice has really glazed up making it hard to see a thing! I took a quick photograph during the inspection, see below.  I had to take the photo from the bottom just to see the outline of the Glock 26.

The next post will highlight the removal and thawing of the poor G26.


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Glock 26 Test: Freezing the GUN

Not much to say other than the Glock 26 is chilling in the freezer!  We have plans to inspect it every day but it will stay frozen for 3 full days.


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Glock 26 Test: Dynamic Strength

I have seen a number of guns tested for over-all strength by a number of means.  We have all seem them tied to a rope and pulled down the road behind a Jeep.  They have been ran over by a large SUV or dropped from a plane.  Is this real world, No but…’s a test of dynamic strength to say the least.  I plan to use some of those test with a little twist.

I will start this test by determining how the Glock 26 holds up to exposure to the cold by freezing the gun in a block of ice.  The more important aspect of this test is to learn if the Glock 26 will crack from the ice as it expands inside the Glock magazine.  This test will be done with a OEM Glock mag and floor-plate, loaded with FMJ 115gr ammo.  The gun will remain frozen for 72 hours.  This test will likely end my Glock 26’s life, but if it makes it, I will run another test!

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Glock 26: Vibration Test Complete

I have to say that I am glad that’s over!  Noisy as a 100 b.b.’s in a hubcap!  As described the Glock 26 was attached to the vibration machine, and left there for 12 hr’s to do it’s thing. The gun was inspected after the first hour, then put back on to complete the test.  Here’s what I found:

After one hour, the gun was super hot!  The vibration of all the parts inside and the friction between the gun bag and surface of the machine made heat, and more heat. After the first hour, the bag was chewed through (the bag was added to catch dust and partials that fell the from gun). The bag was clean inside but I could see fine bits of BLACK POLYMER on the gun, attached but static I would guess.

After the next 11 hours, were completed I removed the hot as hexx Glock 26 but could not hold it.  I had to place it in a concrete floor and wait.  After 10 minutes, I picked it up, still hot, quickly brought it inside and took the photos below.  The Glock smelled as if someone had just melted the end of a plastic rope, if you know what I mean.

I took the gun down and swabbed it with a Q-tip, black dust was abundant!  I noticed that in the mag-well was clearly ground up polymer.  On the frame rails, it appeared to be the same but I also noted black paint, likely from the slide stop.

The slide stop did take a bit of wear, both on the top and inside areas, see below.

The barrell has no wear on it other than the top of chamber area showed plenty of finish wear, I was not expecting that!

The recoil spring & rod had NO wear at all.

The inside of the slide had No sign of damage in the barrel area.

The finish of the slide was NOT EFFECTED at all!  I expected that it would wear, I can only guess that because the Tefner is so slick, that no damage was done.

The frame rails were shiny after the test, showing that some wear occurred.  The were also packed with polymer dust.

The frame pins DID NOT walk, and that was a surprise as well as this gun has been down and back again at least 40 times.

Trigger was normal.

Trigger bar had wear, see below.

The connector had not wear or damage at any contact point I could find.

Ny1 spring looked normal.

Draw bar area showed a good deal of shine from contact vibration but appeared that no level of metal was gone.

The magazine follower took the most wear, but the gun was unloaded for safety reason during the test.  The feed area of the barrel worked two gouges in the follower but after testing, had no real effect on the operation of the gun.

The magazine well was full of black plastic dust.

I put the OEM floor plate on it for this test, no damage at all.


The Glock stood up to the vibration test.  I have to be clear, 12 hours made some changes to the gun.  It would have damaged the gun I feel sure if it was left on the machine for a number of days.  But for the purposes of this test, it passed!


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Glock 26: Vibration Test Update

Vibration Test Update……….. Houston, we have a problem!

The vibration test was schedule to start today, but the Glock will not go quietly.  Just as I was preparing the Glock for the test, I broke a an anchor strut on my machine.  I will replace it ASAP and run the test.

Sorry for the delay, I guess round one goes to the GLOCK 26.

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