Seven Months EDC Arex.



7 months of carrying the Rex everyday has presented a few hiccups but it is holding up well.  The weight is the single most noted drawback. I have just put this holster to use for duty carry. It is a well balanced jewel from MDJ Holsters. At $38.00 it is even better. I’ll drop a link below if you are interested in learning more about this rig – check them out.

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Range Day with the REX Zero 1

I had the pleasure to run the Rex Zero through the paces at Elite Training in Monroe NC. If fact I used this opportunity to re-certify my NC Armed Private Investigators license.   Since this was a formal testing, no photographs or video could be taken during the session.  What I can share with you is my impressions of this weapon during this session.



The Rex Zero awaiting its range debut.



One thing I noticed very early, when you have 6 rounds in a Rex magazine there is a bit of play in it.  The magazine seems to need a nearly full magazine to have that snug fit.  Now let me be clear, it has no ill effects on the operation of the handgun.  It is however hard to miss.

The Arex Rex Zero 1 is solid and you feel this every time you fire it you are reminded.  Felt recoil is very mild.  As much as I like the 92 fs, it has far more felt recoil than the Rex for example.

Firing the first few rounds, I detected that the slide appeared to move somewhat stiff, it has never been fired so I expected a bit of break in.  After a few rounds the slide smoothed out and appeared to just glide to the rear after every shot.  It was really another signal that the gun oozes quality.  I found the gun very easy to get on target and performed flawlessly.  I found the sights to get on target fast, they are perfect.

The only negative thing I would have to address is the double action trigger pull.  It is simply too heavy.  I have a b-27 from today to make my point.  At 15 & 25 yards you will see a handful of out layers, every one was a double action shot.  The rest are single action.  As much as I tried to stay on target, the heavy trigger negatively effected the accuracy for me.    To use the 92 fs again, the Rex appears heavier than the Beretta 92 but far smoother and shorter. If Arex would lighten the double action pull by at least 25% I think you would find something closer to a CZ 75, the pinnacle of double action triggers.


Results.  I ended up with an overall 96%.  This is a bit less than my normal score with a G26.  But the G26 is not a new weapon to me and I had practice with it prior to qualification.  I took the Rex out cold, never fired it or any Rex before qualifying.  The gun is exceptional.



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After a month of carrying/shooting and living all day everyday with the Rex, new grips were a must.  The factory grips are not as well made as the rest of this weapon.  These new G 10 grips from Hogue have a solid feel and just the right grip.


If you are looking for holsters and grips for the Arex REX Zero 1 start here!


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The REX Zero 1 runs the Sig Legion does not.

$599 gun runs the $1200 does not. Watch for yourself!


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REX ZERO 1 running the course!

Just a little video from our friends at AREX!

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DAY ONE with the REX ZERO 1!

Day one was somewhat unconventional. I carried the Rex Zero both Mexican and dropped in my strong side front pocket. I was rather busy in our shop and after about 1/2 an hour I simply forgot the Rex was on-board. Let me be clear, it is large. Not M9 large but it is large. For CCW work, you need a long term plan.

Later in the day I found that Mexican carry worked well while I was moving around and assisting customers. I have a Daltech Force® belly band on its way for day to day carry.


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AREX REX ZERO 1 Acquired!

The Rex Zero 1 was purchased today at Ed’s Gun Store, Vass NC, no pick of the litter I took the first one they brought out of the 4 that came in. As soon as the gun was wiped free of the factory oil a factory magazine with 15 rounds and carried concealed. This is day 1!


First impression, the Rex is well made, the machining on the the hammer alone is sharper than most $3,000 custom 1911’s. I said it. I noticed that the magazines are well made, they do require a bit more  effort than most unless you utilize the follower tab to pull the follower down 1/8 of an inch to assist.


The trigger face is very well machined. The slide serrations are average, well defined, not as deep as I would have liked.  The fame is well made and finished. The large trigger guard has serrations on both sides and the front, a handy addition. The ambidextrous magazine release is has useful deep checkering.


The sights are very well made, the 3 dot systems will work fine. I found the slide release/decocker requires some effort now, it will smooth out I am sure, it has gotten better after a few uses.  The safety engages with a bit of effort, much less to disengage it, I like that.  The trigger pull in double action is heavy, smooth and perfect. If Beretta could produce a trigger pull like this I would still be carrying one. Peeking inside, the feed ramp is polished and well defined.


The single action trigger pull has a short take up then a crisp break. The trigger reset has a nice click after just a short distance. I did notice that the safety completely disengages the trigger, if you like to use a safety on a double action semi automatic you will like this.


The next post will address the first 50 rounds through the Rex using mixed ammo from white box bulk ammo to +p+ Federal defense and some 147g personal protection rounds. Stay tuned.


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